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Our experience in Myanmar is extensive. We have invested considerable time, energy and patience to understand the country and its culture whilst applying a similar philosophy to understanding the precise human capital needs of its employers. This has allowed for successful and highly consultative partnerships with all stakeholders – employers and job seekers – to bring about appropriate solutions. We do not only find talent and present opportunities. Our wealth of experience allows us to provide appropriate coaching and advice to ensure career and/or hiring decisions are made objectively, and with a long-term perspective in mind, whilst our end to-end service often includes a need to craft Job Descriptions and provide appropriate salary guidance.

We have successfully supported most industry sectors and cross-functional disciplines. This includes extensive support to the following sectors: Banking, MFI, NBFC, FMCG, Real Estate, Agri, Energy, Private Equity, Telecommunications, Automotive, industrial Manufacturing, Logistics, Hospitality and much more!

Our experience has included building entire teams for many new international market entrants (FDI), the transformational re-building of entire departments and the establishment of new lines of business for prominent Conglomerates. Our support to local and MNC employers typically reflects an underlying need for a combination of local, repatriate and expatriate talent with a need to fulfil commercial or technical specialist knowledge as well senior leadership expertise.

From the perspective of job seekers, we feel that our very consultative manner, matched by tremendous passion and zest for the Myanmar market and supported by the market insights we have amassed, provides reassurance and trust. For expatriates, this trust subsequently allows for objective decisions to be reached concerning their careers within a frontier market or, for a repatriate, it often reinforces their conviction and desire to return ‘home’.

We similarly apply our expertise across other emerging markets and which allows us to replicate the achievement of successful outcomes.

​Case Study – talent-building for a Conglomerate

We were invited by the Group CFO of a prominent conglomerate to build a new Senior Management team across multiple divisions. The intent was to raise Group-wide performance, support market expansion and develop appropriate credibility and capability to form JV relationships with international partners.

The initial brief was to identify ‘First Class’ talent to lead key business units, notably including: CEO (FMCG), CEO (Retail), GM (F&B), GM (HORECA), GM (Food Process/R&D), CEO (Real Estate) and CEO (Construction). Concurrently, there was an equally pressing need to build specific functional expertise including: Group HRD, General Counsel, Head of Logistics, CIO, Financial Controller(s), Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations and Head of Corporate Development/Investment.

Within 6 months, we successfully appointed each of the key positions. Consequently, the next phase of middle-management and junior-level hiring commenced as each strategic leader established their respective business plans and evaluated additional external talent that would be required to build out their respective teams. As a result, we also built its real estate development and construction arms as well as multiple Operations, Sales, Marketing, R&D, Finance and HR talent into each business cluster. Our work supporting that organisation continues to present day whilst the firm has grown to a headcount of 10,000+ employees and enjoys many JV collaborations.